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For Jim Rohn

Your parents give you a career. You graduate and look for employment. The problem of looking for work is that you have no experience. You want a business but you have neither experience nor money. Finally after a lot of time you find a position of assistant's assistant of the secretary of the manager of the division, start from below. You marry, rent an apartment, acquire or secondhand car, two children, a dog, a canary and very little meal. It does not reach you for any more. You wonder: I do not manage to understand, if I work very much, save more that I can, have no wife's house, something is failing. Do you have not even a vague idea of your error, which it will be the solution to go out of poor person?

It is due to the fact that your income is linear. If you work you charge, do not work do not charge. Do you say to yourself “But that does not matter for me, I am never missing, am very reliable and I always receive my money”, and then when the conductors come you stay just as earlier or worse, of whom is it the problem? Your parents and the school have educated you to be a worker, to be depending on a boss. The employee works 12 hours, doing the least possible thing but trying to preserve his employment. The boss demands the most possible thing, pays the least possible thing so that you survive in the employment. There is no bad at all one in being an employee, but the one that acts this way aspires to work only for others.

One day you realize that you have family, you have many expenses, the life is very expensive, you need to gain yourself the sustenance and work for a salary. When you have a fixed salary, you accept that by implication a third person, your boss, decides your life style. Do you wonder? To little does my chief decide everything?

Your boss decides your salary and therefore your clothes, your house, your holidays, your motorcar, the school of your children and up to what you eat. As employee these exposed to the decisions and improvistos of your chief and you it affects in such a way that you can lose what you have. If you have an accident you will receive your insurance, which is never sufficient to live. If they dismiss you your income is equal to zero. If you retire they say congratulations, thank you very much to you your 45 years of work, farewell.

Conclusion: you will never be rich working for others. Two of every 100 employees manage to accumulate wealths. You kill yourself working and have no results and end like your chief. You have money but you are a slave of his business. You have no time to rest. You have love to the work but you sacrifice your health for gaining money and the alone money it serves to you to gain some health. What you have to understand is that you have the aptitude to choose your life style. The question of which to do with your life, your income, your time and your person is a decision exclusively yours.

Life style that is? Life style is to choose the house and the quarter where you are going to live, the school of your children, dress the clothes that more you like, have excessive money and be able to travel. To have life style is to have time to enjoy the life. To have health to enjoy the life. To have money to enjoy the life. Life style is that you and not others, your boss or the bank they direct your own life.
That happens with the sleep that you had. The economic reality often squashes your sleep, forcing you to fit your income. In this situation you have left two options: you deflate your sleep or increase your income. If you deflate your sleep you end up by being an unlucky person. To increase your income, you motivate yourself to keep on dreaming. What do you want?

What are you going to do? If you keep on gaining linear income only they will reach you to survive. The residual income is the solution. It is that income that manage to do those that do a fortune and are not those who work more than you. For example: Elvis Presley keeps on receiving million dollars after several years of resting in peace Ghana more Elvis of dead person that of alive.

The secret of the residual income is the same for which for you. To do a work only one time and that it is possible to charge whenever it turns to use “the copyright”.
The one that receives the residual income can take a vacation and receive the profit the time that was accumulated during his absence. You do not need a special education or to leave the safety of your current work to take part of the residual income: The solution is to be Empresario Independiente.
There is no system of market that competes against as for costs and benefits. The MML is a business of residual income. You work only one time and your work doubles, trebles, quadruples, etc. and your profit also, you do not need a lot of money to invest, it does not take a lot of time from you, it is not for rich and you do not need experience. It is your own business. To consume and to invite to consume why this way you will form your own company. The MLL is a business, as such, it is necessary to work to start it.
He remembers: you will never be rich working for others. In a traditional work in the long run you gain the same. Congratulations!!!!! You give an increase of 20 % and the prices they raise 40 %.
With the MLL, if you increase your income, every time you win more. As employee if you do not give turned out even there you came.
Well: does he think how were you three years ago and how are you now? He imagines how you are going to be in three years, then of that side you are going to be.

1) Will you be your own chief?  Or  2) Will You Be a happy employee?

If you decide them firstly … Welcome

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